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  • Men need Self Care too!

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    The wellness industry is catered to women, but men need to prioritize wellness just as much as women. While fitness can be part of your wellness routine, I urge men to identify daily and weekly practices beyond physical activity. The self-care tips below reduce stress, increase immunity, promote mental health, and more.

    Mindfulness, Meditation, and Sleep Apps

    Apps are convenient because your phone is always with you, making them an instant option to calm and center. If you’ve never tried a wellness app, test a few to see what works for you. Most mindfulness, meditation, and sleep apps offer a free trial to determine if they are of value to you.

    Not to worry if meditation sounds woo-woo or intimidating, as each app offers a variety of unique options. From guided meditation to deep breathing exercises, mood and goal-based music, wellness classes, sleep stories, and more.

    Massage Therapy

    With high-stress jobs and constantly connected lifestyles, you are likely holding a lot of stress in your body. If you have injuries of any kind, they compound your stress. Massage therapy is one way to alleviate both your physical and mental stress. This should include professional massage, but also consider your options in self-massagers and myofascial release tools to release tension at home or work.

    Studies show that in as few as 45 minutes, massage can lower your heart rate, lower blood pressure, increase the feel-good hormone serotonin, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve sleep.

    Spend Time in Nature

    The call of the wild isn’t just a hunter-gatherer instinct, it’s another way to promote wellness. Not to worry if you don’t enjoy camping, hunting, or fishing—as all self-care tips for men should be personalized. Time spent in nature can be as simple as taking your workout outdoors. There is no need for a forest if you don’t have one nearby as a local park with trees or water will do.

    Just 2 hours in a green or natural setting each week can boost your immunity, reduce stress, and provide a sense of calm.

    A few options to consider include:

    • Hiking
    • Mountain biking
    • Water activities
    • Eating lunch in a lush park
    • Playing outside with pets and kids
    • Taking a walk in a park after work
    • And more!

    Talk It Out

    It’s time to let go of the toxic tradition of keeping it all in. When we keep it in, the side-effects of our internalized emotions can manifest as physical illness, physical stress, anxiety, depression, anger, and speech and behaviors that degrade personal and professional relationships.

    There are countless people and resources you can turn to. From your partner or spouse to your family, best friends, mentor, support group, coach, or therapist. What is essential, is that the person you share with must be a safe space to share. If you aren’t used to talking things through, it will be uncomfortable the first few times—but ultimately freeing.

    Ready to Talk It Out?

    Are you a man who is ready to gain the edge over anger and anxiety? As a licensed therapist, I coach men to control their emotions, express healthy masculinity, and gain confidence in Body, Mind, and Spirit. I work with men ages 18 to 39. I welcome all men, but as a black man I understand the unique challenges of the African American community. Together we will identify the tools, resources, and self-care tips for men that work best for you. Let’s get started!