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  • Breaking the stigma against men’s mental health

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    Importance of men’s health

    Men have always been portrayed as physically stronger sex. As a result, physical strength and fitness are unfairly valued over other qualities in men. While most men take care of their physical health and fitness, not all are aware of the importance of mental health and wellness. The link between mental and physical health works both ways. Physical illness can cause serious mood disorders. Similarly, depressed mood may lead to development of some mental illness. Despite the worst impacts of mental illness, almost two-thirds of men with mental health disorder never seek treatment. Seeking help and treatment is one of the most effective ways to enhance the quality of life of people with mental illness. Therefore, if you are worried about your mental health, it is important to seek help from professional therapist.

    As a professional therapist, Michael King Jr. (Licensed Therapist) guides his clients to take steps toward positive life changes, healing, and a healthy mind.

    Focus on Wellness

    Men are more likely to ignore their health than women. They are less likely to see themselves vulnerable to illness, when in reality, they are more prone to mental disorders. It is important for men to take care of themselves. They should have annual checkups and screening tests, should take preventive health care measures, and, include advice on lifestyle changes for better health. Men should not tolerate pain but openly talk about it with their doctor. They should always be proactive. Don’t wait until you are sick. Instead follow your therapist’s instructions and ask questions to them if there is any thing unclear.

    Fitness for men

    When it comes to take care of yourself, it is essential for men to start by keeping fit and healthy. This does not mean that you have to go to the gym or develop interest in weight lifting. Simply make an effort by starting with 20 or 30 minutes of walk and exercise daily. It will help you enhance your happiness and reduce the worry and stress.

    As per research studies

    Researches from all over the world shows that men find it hard to open up about mental health and wellness. According to a report of World Health Organization, three times as many men as women die by suicide. Some men also face difficulty establishing social connections. As per a research study, the leading cause of death among men is depression and suicide.

    Stigmatization of men’s mental health

    Stigma is when someone looks at you in a negative way because of a distinguishing trait such as a mental illness or disability. Cultural stigma

    surrounding mental health is the main obstacle to people admitting that they are struggling and seeking help. And this stigmatization is particularly prominent in men. We as a society are ignoring the mental health of men and it’s really killing them.

    Breaking the stigma regarding men’s mental health

    One of the main reasons of this stigmatization against men’s mental health is toxic masculinity. From childhood men are taught to be assertive, strong, and less expressive. As a result, men feel shame in expressing themselves and their emotions in front of their significant others. Moreover, a lot of men think that they should be tough and strong enough to solve all their problems on their own. Even if they are physically ill, they avoid asking for help as it would their vulnerability. Therefore, there is need to foster more transparency regarding men’s mental health issues.

    What factors may lead to men’s mental health issues?

    Many factors contribute to men’ mental health issues including:

    • Sexism
    • Loss of work
    • Lack of social support
    • Workload and stress
    • Unemployment
    • Separation or divorce
    • Economic factors like financial issues
    • Alcohol or drug abuse

    When is it time to ask for assistance?

    In case you notice some slight changes in men around you and you are worried about their mental health and fitness. Here are some of the symptoms that indicate a need for professional assistance.

    • Sudden mood changes
    • Change in weight
    • Hopelessness
    • Helplessness
    • Sadness
    • Headaches etc.What treatment is for mental health?Diagnosing and treating the mental health disorders especially in men is difficult due to cultural stigmatization against men’s mental health. However, mental health professionals and therapists are available to provide treatment and management of the disorder. some of the therapies that are used commonly include psychotherapy, behavioral therapies and medication. Psychotherapy involves a private counselling session with your counselor where all of your discussion would be confidential. Therapist will help you to discover and identify your unhealthy behaviors and will teach you how to manage your emotions. Behavior therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is used to identify the negative thought pattern of the client. Therapist then try to alter these thought patterns into positive and healthier thoughts. At last, medications are prescribed for different mental disorders which are very helpful in treatment of depression and anxiety.

    What are the benefits of seeking help from therapist?

    Seeking help from a professional therapist has following benefits:

    • Enhanced quality of life
    • Reduction of the symptoms
    • Improve stress coping and management
    • Good relationship with friends and family
    • Removal of destructive behaviors like overthinking or overspending
    • Develops insight of the unhealthy behavior and how to control itConclusionThere is a need to talk about men’s mental health and fitness. Suffering from the mental illness is not a healthy solution. It is crucial to check in with them. Ask them about there feelings. If you feel like any men around you have experienced a traumatic event, talk to them. Look for if there are any symptoms of depression or anxiety. Listen to them and support them emotionally. Most importantly encourage them to seek professional help and tell them that its okay for a man to feel such emotions. Let them know they are not alone. Help and treatment is always available!


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